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At Texas Roofing Repair, we have a variety of great products that can be used on commercial roofs. From small to large buildings, we have the ability to cover them all.  What roof we decide to use on a specific building comes back to the original construction of the structure. We need to make sure the building itself can handle the weight of the new roof. With commercial roofing, we think about application more than aesthetics as it is important to install the best option that will last the longest for the business. Most of our commercial customers have had flat roofs installed, which is not necessarily what you will need. We can help you determine the type of roof is best for your property.

For our process of commercial roofing installation, we setup the roofing repair budget with our customer.  For instance, upon approval, if you have a flat roof we will then go in and demo the existing roof, then put insulation down. Next, we put plywood down over the insulation, and then the base sheet over that, which is basically roll roofing.  Over that, we put on the topcoat which is also roll roofing, but it is granular on one side so it can help deflect solar rays. This will help with the temperature inside of the building.

As a commercial roofing company, we will take care of all of your roofing needs, such as; built up asphalt roofing, TPO roofing, roll roofing, metal roofing, and gravel balast.  Along with these roofing product, we pay attention to the metal decking, plywood installation, and all other substrates thereof.

We have experience with many custom commercial roofing installations and have the options to fit your building and your budget. Please contact us for more details.  (512) 710-5454

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With the growing number of new apartment complexes in the area as well as older complexes that may need repair, Texas Roofing Repair is a great option for your roofing needs, Our process for apartment roofing is going to be the exact same process we do for a small house, just on a larger scale. With the special situation of tenants and a higher probability of pedestrians around the complex, we make sure we have clear walkways for residents as well as not blocking off driveways and parking spots.  We also take special care to have fall protection around anywhere that we are working to avoid accidents. We are always very sensitive to the needs of the apartment managers and try to cause the least amount of disruption possible while we work.

Please call us for more details.  (512) 710-5454

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Hotel Roofing



At Texas Roofing Repair, we also do installation or repair for hotels. These can be flat roofs, Spanish tile, or any version roof option. We have done all types of hotels and would be happy to speak with you about your specific needs.

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