Our Roofing Company

We will do everything legally possible to get your roof replaced for free.  You pay an insurance company each month to insure you against unforeseen circumstances.  Now that your roof is damaged, or leaking, you need a company that knows how to work with the insurance adjuster to get you paid.

Texas Roofing Repair was formed in Austin, Texas in 2010 by Steve Huskey.  After noticing that out of area roofing companies were coming to Austin for work, Huskey realized an opportunity for a local roofing company.  He set about forming a network of roofing contractors that could work on anything from a home residential roof, to a larger apartment roof or hotel roof, up to a skyscraper roof.  The company started in San Antonio, then quickly added locations in Austin and Houston.  Then in 2014, Texas Roofing Repair opened the newest location in Killeen.

Since Texas Roofing Repair was a new company, our first hire was JT.  He has been GM of a custom home builder in Central Texas managing 7 crews for 18 years.  He was ready to build his own crews with his own culture.  It was an immediate fit.  He is an insurance adjuster’s conscience.  JT’s experience allows him to point out errors to insurance adjusters that get fixed 80% of the time.  Now, several years later, he is the head of training too.


We Employ Veterans

An important piece of this business was the ability to employ veterans.  Many of Huskey’s relatives have served in the United States Navy, Air force, or Army.  As a result, it was an easy decision to give back to those who have served by offering leadership opportunities at Texas Roofing Repair.  Not only do we employ veterans, but we offer current and retired military personnel $500 off of a new roof.


You can trust the experts at Texas Roofing Repair to protect your house.
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