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At Texas Roofing Repair, we install all types of roofs for residential roofs, apartment roofs, commercial roofs and hotel roofs: using shingles, tiles, metal, composition roofs, flat roofs… you name it, we do it!  We are a Residential and Commercial Roofing Company.

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At Texas Roofing Repair, our roofers are experts at installing and repairing any type of roof that you can imagine. We are available in all central Texas areas including Austin, San Antonio, Temple, Killeen, and surrounding areas. We can install shingles, wood shake, metal, and Spanish tile. We pride ourselves on our efficiency, professionalism, and affordable pricing. All of our roofers are insured and bonded and are here to make your roofing needs fulfilled quickly and will as little disruption to your lives as possible. More…

Commercial Roofing

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At Texas Roofing Repair, we have a variety of great products that can be used on commercial roofs. From small to large buildings, we have the ability to cover them all.  What roof we decide to use on a specific building comes back to the original construction of the structure. We need to make sure the building itself can handle the weight of the new roof. With commercial roofing, we think about application more than aesthetics as it is important to install the best option that will last the longest for the business.   …More


What kind of roofs do you install?

We are a Residential and Commercial Roofing Company. We have crews that work on small residential projects and then we have crews that work on large apartments and hotels.  We even have crews that go up on top of skyscrapers to lay flat roofs.

Do I have to pay you upfront?
We prefer that you have the first check from your insurance company before we begin working on the roof so everything is in order before we start.  Sometimes, this is not always possible.  We are happy to get one of our trained associates out to educate you on the roofing process.

What kind of shingles do you install?
We have 3 manufactures that we recommend, but at the end of the day it’s your roof and we’ll gladly put on any shingles you want.

Is your shingle manufacturer currently in a class action law suit?
Yes.  However, all of the top 5 manufacturers in the US have class action lawsuits against them in the US.  That’s 95% of all roofs in the US.  It all comes back to who installed your shingles, if they were installed properly, and if the installer was certified.  You have to have a certified installer to put on shingles.

Are you licensed?
Texas Roofing Repair is Hague certified with the RCAA (Roofing Contractors of America). However, there is no license for roofing in Texas so it is not necessary that you are licensed in Texas.

Do you have insurance?
We have at least a $2 million cap.

Are you bondable?
Yes, we are bondable.  We have a business license and insurance.

My roof is not leaking right now…
In most cases, the roof will not leak for another 3 years after the repair.  To be eligible for your insurance to cover the cost, you must file within 1 year.

Can I schedule someone to just look at my roof and verify that everything is okay?
We will come out and tell you if you have hail damage and/or need repair or if it needs to be replaced. You do not want to have a bunch of temporary fixes if the whole thing needs to be replaced.

If we decide that you do need to replace the entire roof, then we will work within the law to get you the mitigate deductible as much as possible.

How do you mitigate our deductible?
At Texas Roofing Repair, we meet with your adjuster and identify anything that is damaged.  If you do have some minor damage and pay for home owners insurance, your insurance company needs to compensate you for the damage.  We will apply that compensation toward the deductible lowering your out of pocket cost.

Do you have any regular specials?
Yes, $500 OFF all active or retired military personnel.

What is the ideal slope of a roof for Central Texas?
7 and 12 to 10 and 12 is all you need for a slope in Central Texas. This is about a 30 degree angle. You get up into the colder climate areas that’s the reason you have steeper roofs, so it sheds the snow. We don’t really get a whole lot of snow here so there’s no point in spending that money to have a steeper roof, and that’s basically all that steep roof is for other than aesthetics.

What are your most popular products?
Our most popular product is a thirty year shingle. Not a lot of folks are willing to upgrade to a metal roof when they’ve lived in a house with a 20-year shingle roof for 20 years and had no problems. They don’t want to replace it with metal plus they like the look of shingles. A lot of folks don’t like the look of metal. Most of the people in the blue-collar world don’t like the look of metal. It amazes me that people won’t upgrade to metal when its an option. Most metal roofs we put in are in the country, they’re not in the city.

Why is it important to tear down your deck when installing a roof?
A few reasons it important to take it down to the deck are:

1. We need to inspect the deck for rotten wood. Even though an older roof may not be leaking inside of a house, it can still leak into the deck. If this is not taken care of and a new roof with shingles is laid on top of rotten wood, the rotted wood will not hold the shingles in many instances, such as when a big wind comes. Shingles falling off your roof is never a good thing.

2. Most manufacturers will not warranty a roof if there are multiple layers. Having multiple layers causes more heat and makes the shingles cook and break down faster.

3. Multiple layers cause electric bills to go up. Your roof will not cool off at night and with multiple layers, the difference can be up to 10 degrees hotter during a 100 degree day.

How do you know how much ventilation to put on the roof?
At Texas Roofing Repair, we have a formula we use to calculate how much is needed based on the square footage of your house.  If you have multiple stories, it is based on the square footage of the top floor. The basic formula calls for 1.35sqft exhaust per 1 sqft of intake. So if you have 100 sqft of soffit vents on your house, we need to give you 135 sqft of ventilation on your roof. We can do this multiple ways: turtle ducts, power vents, or bridge vents (which we recommend). In Texas, we do not suggest power vents because they tend to draw more air than they are getting from the soffit vent intake and then end up pulling the air from inside your house, which makes your utility bills go up.

Why is it important to use lead on pipe penetrations as apposed to asphalt?
Lead is less of an impact to the environment than asphalt. Lead is a metal and asphalt is a petroleum. As long as you paint the lead so it does not deteriorate due to weather, it is not going to leak lead into your gutters and water system. It also lasts a lot longer than asphalt.

What are cougar paws and what are they used for?
Cougar paws are the shoes we use to walk on steep roof slopes.  We generally use them on anything over a 6 slope.

Is Wood Shake roofing a fire hazard?
Wood shake, although beautiful and natural can be an extreme fire hazard. It is dry wood exposed on your roof. So if a fire does happen to start in your house, it can act as kindling for it. However, there is a fire-retardant system that can be installed underneath the attic side of your roof. With this system, when the solution gets hot it actually expands and puts out the fire.

Do you do garden roofs?
We put down structure for garden roofs, but do not plant them- we leave that up to the plantin’ experts!

How much is an estimate?

Every estimate? No exceptions?
No exceptions.

How much is installation? Is there a flat fee?
There is not a flat fee. Installation varies from house to house depending on location, availability of shingles in your area, steepness of roof, number of  squares on your roof, number of penetrations on your roof, # of valleys, # of ridges, the length of the perimeter, vents, ridge vents, # of stories. There is no flat installation cost.

What is your warranty?
We provide three levels of warranties, 3-year, 5-year, and 10-year.
3 year is included, 5 year $165 add’l cost 10 year $365 add’l cost. That covers labor and installation.

Are you insured?
Yes, 1M with 2M general liability. We are bonded.

A funny tidbit…
There’s guys all the time that get themselves in binds and you have to get them off the roof. Or a guy’ll get up there and get scared… Getting up on the roof is no problem but getting them off we basically have to coach them down.

TX Residential Roofing Repair Austin

5 Steps for Creating a Roof

1. Come to an agreement on price and schedule the roofing for two weeks in advance.
2. We have the materials dropped off the day before we start the roof.

The day we begin, we will bring a dump trailer to your residence and then begin to tear up your existing roof all the way down to the deck. Reasons why this must be done can be found here.
If you need new sheets laid down at this time, we replace up to 3 sheets for free. Add’l sheets are $35 per sheet. 99% of most roofs only require 3 sheets. For this, we use synthetic underlayment which is guaranteed for 30 years.

3. We use a starter strip all the way around the house and drip beds and install ice and water shield in all of the valleys and penetrations. 9 out of 10 leaks happen in valleys and penetrations, so we make sure to seal those up really well.

4. Begin shingling. The coastal standard for shingle nails is 6 per shingle regardless of of style or composition. Even though only 4 nails per shingle is required in Austin, Texas, we still install 6 per shingle to make sure there are no issues.

5.  Once finished, we clean up your yard and run a magnet over it to get all of the scraps up.  We try to take everything that comes off your roof during installation away with us.

We are a Residential and Commercial Roofing Company.

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